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I hate this week so much. Like really.

This is just a huge mess, we gotta do volunteering bullshit the whole week, film some festival, make interviews, I FILMED LIVE ALSO THAT WAS AWESOME THOUGH, run an art cinema, so on. We’re running around the whole day, we don’t even get water ticket or food or bus ticket so that we don’t have to run everywhere by feet (I ran over 25km today only) or just give whatever and oh my god, it’s so warm and we’re there all day. The thing is: the supervisor is as lost as a donkey in the fog and she keeps calling us in the last second to go here and there.

In the meantime I gotta get this tv show together, I have not much guests and these classmates are not helping at all. I am the editor in chief, they should be doing what I say, but all of them are SOB’s shouting back at me that they’re not gonna do it. This is an exam damn it, and I depend on stupid idiot people. I hate it, I hate it so incredibly.

Your better half.

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